Erben der Schöfpung Dina

Dina Falk


Age of 7 The first serious tries to sing (Miiaaau!)
Following a lot of very hard lessions how to play a flute and how to use musicbasics :/
1997-98 Singer for "6th Avenue" (Acid Jazz Band)
1998 First classical Singing Lessions
Following the first tries on the Piano
1999 Musical "Romeo &...?" (Role of a desperate Mother)
1998-2000 Various Choirs and Soloparts
First tries on Classical- and E-Guitar and E-Bass
2005 Singer for "Erben der Schöpfung" (EBM/Dark Metal)
2005 Singer for "Weltenbrand" (Neoclassic Darkwave)
Following first Steps of Vocal and Musicarangements and Composing


Music Faves:

EBM, Industrial, Electro, Darkwave, Filmmusik, melodischer Black- und Deathmetal and anything that comes from heart.



Dina Falk